Take your time - The Simple way!

made easy

Easy team management

One-click user imports, no need for separate user accounts.

Manager approvals

Deal with all incoming requests directly from your dashboard.

Yearly holiday budgets

Set a time for the year,
Time Sloth will handle the rest.
No more time wasting admin stuff!

Built for Jira®

100% integrated into your company's Jira® cloud system, syncing with existing Jira® accounts.

Calendar view

Whether it's you, y'all or all of y'all, see who is around at a glance!


Customise why and how your team gets updates on holiday requests.

More time to FOCUS. OR Chill.

The best Jira® tool to manage holidays

Focus on your (and your team’s) time off instead of stressing over the “paperwork”. With a user-friendly and time-saving interface, Time Sloth makes the approval process for days off as smooth as possible.

Local flavors

Start with our set of predefined local holiday schemes - including special holidays and extra work days - and customise to your needs.

We'll leave it up to you

Choose different leave types and decide what requires approval. Time Sloth is built from the ground up to accommodate different philosophies when it comes to time off.

Keep it together

Easily plan team availability for busy holiday seasons by checking conflicting or overlapping schedules in the calendar

Features THAT MAKE Holidays a Breeze

Easy as dangling from a tree 🦥

Clean and intuitive calendar view
Simple user setup after syncing from Jira
Track holiday usage and check available days left
Approvals so fast you might forget your toothbrush

Found a bug? Missing a feature?

Yes, it's true.

Dream testimonials

As a sloth myself, I like to just hang out and not worry about holidays, but if I had to choose one Jira app to do it, it would definitely be Time Sloth!
Sloan "Two Toes" Slothson
Fruit bowl and snack analyst
Super easy to understand interface, fast
holiday booking process and a bunch
of sloth friends. 10/10
Linnaeus "Kevin" Bradypus
Principal recreation architect
you guys have jobs?

John Dough
Lifestyle artist, sloth

Pricing plans

If you're just getting started

For up to 10 people

More sloth for your buck!
The more the merrier

From 11 to 100 people 🦥🦥🦥

For the whole gang

Enterprise package

About us

We're Time Sloth, a team ready to make great Jira® apps.

Time Sloth is developed as an internal startup project of
Frontside Ltd, a Budapest-based team of developers. 

We started developing Time Sloth to make a better alternative to already existing resource management applications. We are also working on delivering more Jira® applications in the future, 
so stay tuned! 🦦🐼